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  My exercise routine this week was anything but routine due to my attending the World Pork Expo. For those of you not familiar with this event, it’s a combination of a trade show, educational seminars and grilling competition. Throw in the Junior National Show with about 600 exhibitors showing 1500 pigs and Des Moines Iowa June 9-11 was the place to be for anything to do with pigs.

 My week started off by leaving for Des Moines on Monday to set up the Hubbard Feeds booth. Tuesday we had a swine training meeting for our salespeople. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was the tradeshow, which I worked most of the time. Working the tradeshow involves a lot of time standing, which is tiring. Our booth was really busy so visiting with people all day can also be tiring, although it’s rewarding.

 For me, it’s challenging to fit in some time to work out. We start early in the morning. Typically a group of us go out for dinner in the evening. Later in the evening it’s a great opportunity to visit with people from around the country to see how business is going for them. Not much opportunity to fit in a run.

 I was lucky to fit in a short run on the treadmill Thursday evening as the kids swam in the hotel pool. It felt good to stretch my muscles and get my heart rate going. What I’m really looking forward to is getting home and getting out on my bike. The weather forecast for the weekend is for rain off and on, so I really hope I get the chance to get out.

 The World Pork Expo is a great deal of work for me, but I also find it exciting. I enjoy meeting with people from all over the US and the world and from all types of farms, from small to large. I also enjoy seeing what’s new in the industry. Typically we’re highlighting something new in our booth, so I’m eager to see the crowd’s reaction. The workout I do get involves much standing and walking around the fairgrounds, and while I miss running and biking, I enjoy seeing and visiting with my friends in the pork industry.