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As 2011 stretches out before me, I’m curious as to what it holds.  One thing I’ve been contemplating is whether this is the year to run my first marathon.  I’ve been a runner for many years and have slowly increased my mileage and races.  I’ve run three half marathons and have really enjoyed that length of race.  Just recently I’ve felt “the itch” to try something more.  Taking the leap is a little scary, though, considering I have a few reservations.

First of all, the training is a huge time committment.  Is it fair to my family to spend so much time running?  Secondly, will my body hold up to the high mileage?  I’ve had minor injuries over the past couple years and wonder whether they will worsen with overuse.  Thirdly, I don’t have a partner to train with.  I’ve never trained for a race alone.  I’m a pretty motivated person, but it always helps to know someone else is counting on you being at the trail at 5:30am.

Running Snowshoes

 I’m weighing both options carefully and leaning towards going for it.  Running in the winter itself can be a challenge.  After spending some time walking the halls in our high school, I just knew I needed to get back outside.  Our gravel road that runs by our home is often icy, so that is rarely a good option for running.  What I’m trying this year is snowshoeing.  I bought snowshoes that I can run in.  Now that the snow is packed, I can go out our backdoor, hop over the electric fence, and go for miles out in our pasture.  Whew!  Running with snowshoes is a workout!  I’m planning to build my mileage base on the snow.  We’ll see how that goes.