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This week I spent two days in Washington D.C. with pork producers from around the country. We had the great opportunity to be updated on issues that are important to pork producers and in turn, had the chance to share that information with my elected officials.

I have been to Washington D.C. before, but I still get a thrill each time I see the Washington Monument. I’ll admit I love history and the fact that I am in a city filled with historical significance is inspiring.

What’s even more impressive is the freedom we have to participate in the democratic process. Our “visits to the hill” allow us to meet with Representatives and Senators and openly talk to them about the issues that are vital to our work as pork producers – as providers of healthy, lean, protein for the world.

Of course while I’m busy making my point, numerous other individuals are making theirs, some in contrast to mine. While we often complain about how slow government works, in reality it’s part of the checks and balances that keeps our country from veering too far in one direction.

Our voice does make a difference; how else will our elected officials know what we need and how their actions affect us?