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Bronchitis.  An innocent enough sounding word by itself.  But try to pair bronchitis with running and you get terrible results.

“How long until I can run again?”, was my question to the doctor last night.  I finally went to see the doctor after coughing for two weeks straight.  The doctor told me I would have to hold off on running at least through the end of the week.  I was braced for the worst, so didn’t feel that taking off 4-5 days from running was too bad.  I was also given a prescription for a z-pack, an antibiotic, and an inhaler to use every four hours.

I do everything in my power to avoid antibiotics, but figure this time an antibiotic is the quickest way to my goal of getting back on track with my 1/2 marathon training.  I’m going to get healthy, tweak my training plans a bit, and be back on track in no time.

I haven’t been feeling like much of a runner or farmer this past week.  A cattle show and illness have prevented me from running much and my marigolds are being consumed by slugs.

My family spent last Thursday-Sunday in Albert Lea, MN at a cattle show.  The days were filled with activities, which didn’t leave any time for running.  Minnesota hosted the show so we had the responsibilities of serving meals, organizing events, and providing entertainment.  On Saturday evening a fellow pork producer grilled boneless pork chops for supper.  They were delicious and got rave reviews! 

Maddie & Brandon

Maddie did very well with her showing and, of course, didn’t find any time for running either.  Above are a picture of her and Brandon enjoying the day.  Maddie and I have both been fighting some type of cold/flu.  I’ve had a sore throat and body aches off and on for a week now and have been feeling sluggish.  I’m sure hoping I start feeling better before Grandma’s race this weekend. 

On Wednesday we have a National Pork Board tour coming to our farm and staying for dinner.  It should be an enjoyable event.  I’m not meticulous about how our yard looks, but I want it presentable.  I was outside this morning pulling a few weeds and found slugs everywhere on my marigolds.  They have just about consumed every leaf on every plant.  After some quick research, I learned they like beer more than they like marigolds, so now I have some beverages available for the slugs in the flower garden.

If I can be rid of the slugs and my sluggishness by the end of this week, I will consider it a success.  Wish me luck!