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This past week has been a roller coaster of emotions.  We ran in a downpour (very fun) and our tears poured down at the loss of Brandon’s vibrant Aunt Katie (very sad).

Maddie came home from school last Tuesday and it was raining.  It was our day to do hill repeats, and we have the perfect hill for that not far from our house.  We didn’t think much about the rain as we left for our run.  It was a nice change to not have dust swirling around us.  About 1 1/2 miles into the run, Mike, who farms near us, pulled up alongside of us in his pickup truck and looked at us rather peculiarly.  “You gonna run in this rain?” he wondered aloud.  I smiled back at him and replied, “Mental toughness!”  He shrugged his shoulders, smiled, and headed up the road.

The hill that we were headed for happened to be within view of Mike’s house.  Once we arrived at the bottom of “the hill” we sprinted up as fast as we could go and back down again slowly.  We repeated the drill over and over again with the rain still coming down.  All I could think about was Mike probably looking out his window, shaking his head in disbelief and laughing.  Our insanity was confirmed to him at that moment. 

On Thursday we attended a funeral for Brandon’s Aunt Katie.  A fun-loving lady with a fantastic smile.  Maddie and our daughter Kendrah sang during the service.  They did a beautiful job. 

Later that afternoon I told Maddie we should fit in a run.  She had every excuse why she shouldn’t run… too much homework, too tired, too windy.  We ran anyway and I could tell Maddie was having a difficult time the whole run.  When we arrived back home, Maddie couldn’t hold the tears back any longer.  She sobbed and sobbed over the loss of Katie.  Her horrible run was explained in an instant. 

Your emotional state of mind has such a huge impact on your running.  You can’t run at your best when your mental state is compromised.  Your physical and emotional well-being are so intertwined and dependent on each other.

We don’t know what tomorrow may bring.  Don’t forget to enjoy the simple things like running in the rain 🙂