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We are back from vacation and counting down to our County Fair.  We took the Amtrak train out to Glacier National Park for vacation.  The scenery was breathtaking and  I would highly suggest it for any family.  My daughters ran across a mama moose with her baby on a trail, we had a snowball fight on top of a mountain, and the boys skipped rocks on a crystal-clear lake.  It was the perfect mix of relaxation and activity for me.

While on vacation my brother-in-law called asking if we wanted a puppy.  We had been considering getting a puppy, hoping our older dog would help train a new puppy.  So, we came home to an adorable black and white border collie that we named Hal.  He is full of energy and is already showing his herding instincts towards the cattle, pigs, and kids.

We also came home knowing that there are only a couple weeks left before the Goodhue County Fair.  The 4-H building projects are mosting complete.  My dad helped Max build a gun rack earlier this week.  My dad has a lot of woodworking tools, so he is a great help.  We are walking the pigs twice a day now.  It’s amazing how quickly they learn the routine.  The kids are also walking and grooming the cattle daily.  Our fair starts August 10th, eleven days to go…

June was a month packed full of giving back to our communities.  Hosting picnics, camera crews, and cattle shows.  Helping with 4-H clinics, 4-H camp, bible school, and a funeral.  And of course, showing our Pork Power while running in Grandma’s 1/2 Marathon.

July brings a change and time for vacation.  We are going North, South, and West for our trips.  My son Max headed north to the Boundary Waters last week with a friend’s family.  He loves nature and the outdoors, so I’m sure he will have great stories to tell from this trip.  There’s no way to communicate with him while he’s there, so we will have to wait until he gets home to hear all the exciting details of his vacation.  The house has been pretty quiet without him around.

My daughter Kendrah, who loves to show animals, headed south to College Station, Texas for the Gelbvieh Junior National Cattle Show.  We told her a year ago that we wouldn’t be going because it was way too far, but she was determined to go.  She coordinated a ride with a couple other Minnesota families, and she is in Texas as of last night.  I’ve been communicating with her a lot through texting.  She’s told me things I really didn’t even need to know.

Finally, our whole family is heading west to Glacier National Park in Montana.  We are taking the train out to Whitefish which should be an interesting experience.  My husband Brandon is the only one from our family who has ever been on a train.  We plan to zipline (even though I’m deathly afraid of heights), whitewater raft, and hike while out there.  Any other must see or must do activities?

Coordinating a vacation is a little trickier when owning a farm.  The animals require attention every day.  We can’t close on the weekend or holidays.  We got over this hurdle by growing to a size where we need employees.  Employees mean more management challenges, but employees also mean more flexability to take a day off.  We really appreciate our employees, and wouldn’t ever be able to get away without them.  It’s a win-win situation all around.