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Webster’s dictionary describes apathy as “the feeling of not having much emotion or interest”. Given all the discussion that’s happening in the media about food and how it’s grown or raised, some days I just wish that people would show a little apathy, or maybe not care as much or take such an interest. This is especially true when their interest happen to be different that mine.
Okay, that’s not really true. I’m glad people care about what they eat and are interested in where they food comes from and the people that grow it. I just wish they’d try a little harder to actually connect with the people that are involved in food production and not any random “expert from the internet”. I know that’s easier said than done. How do you find a farmer? I actually checked out the yellow pages from the Mankato/New Ulm phone book and found a number of listings under “Farms”. This brings up two questions; 1) does anyone use the yellow pages anymore and 2) if you called one of those farms, would the farmers actually talk to you?
I have a suggestion. Check out the Pig3D website from the MN Pork Board and the MN Pork Producers Association. You’ll find it at You’ll also find videos showing real pig farmers and great resource information. There’s even a spot to send a question to a real farmer so that you can get an honest answer. If Facebook or Twitter are your style, check out #RealPigFarming. Farmers are talking and showing pictures about what they do every day. The MN State Fair will be held the end of August and that’s another great spot to talk to farmers.
I am so lucky. As a pig farmer I wake up each day knowing where most of my food comes from. I understand some of you have questions on food safety and animal welfare practices. Please ask them. Just ask them from someone who knows what they are talking about and are living the experience every day.