I never did a post following the 5K in Duluth on June 21. Sorry about that.

I finished the 5K and did pretty well. I am harder on myself, I suppose, than I should be but I had to walk some of the time. Still over all, I completed my first 5K and I haven’t stopped running!

As a matter of fact, we got home from Duluth on that Sunday afternoon and I started looking on line for my next 5K. That will be next week on July 17th in Minneapolis. I will be running the Torchlight 5K.

I have enjoyed my initial training program to work myself up to the 5K. My goal is to maintain what I have been doing and continue to improve on my time and distance. The added health benefits are something I really appreciate and enjoy.

I love being able to tell people about the healthy aspects of adding more pork to their diets as well. With my job and going to the many different events I am able to let many people know about pork and it’s nutritional value.