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I never did a post following the 5K in Duluth on June 21. Sorry about that.

I finished the 5K and did pretty well. I am harder on myself, I suppose, than I should be but I had to walk some of the time. Still over all, I completed my first 5K and I haven’t stopped running!

As a matter of fact, we got home from Duluth on that Sunday afternoon and I started looking on line for my next 5K. That will be next week on July 17th in Minneapolis. I will be running the Torchlight 5K.

I have enjoyed my initial training program to work myself up to the 5K. My goal is to maintain what I have been doing and continue to improve on my time and distance. The added health benefits are something I really appreciate and enjoy.

I love being able to tell people about the healthy aspects of adding more pork to their diets as well. With my job and going to the many different events I am able to let many people know about pork and it’s nutritional value.



For many of us in the farming community, this spring was challenging to say the least. Extremely wet weather not only delayed planting, but forced many of us to talk about “preventive planting.” We’re now facing the warm days of summer and it is hard to believe that summer is really here and almost half over.

June was a big “pork” month for the Stevermer family. If you recall from my last blog, both Adam and Brett had the opportunity to take part in a couple of agricultural tours through the MN Pork Board. It was extremely beneficial for both boys. Even though they have been exposed to many aspects of agriculture, they still came away learning something new. One thing that made the biggest impression was the use of technology in agriculture. From packing plants to drones to manufacturing, technology helps make agriculture more efficient, sustainable and even safer for the workers.

A highlight for us is our weekend in Duluth at Grandma’s Marathon. This is the fourth year the MN Pork Board has been a sponsor and we now have people looking for us. They have come to appreciate the great taste of pork (especially on a cold morning after a long run) and are also starting to understand that pork is a healthy, lean protein.

There are many great opportunities to learn, for kids and adults, don’t be afraid to take advantage of them.