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Like most parents of basketball players, especially those with multiple players, the winter months become a blur of gyms, games and more games. Beth has finished her season and Adam’s last game will be Monday night.

Both kids have done well. Their skills have improved and they’ve gained a greater understanding of the game. As Beth’s coach I’ve had the privilege to coach these girls since 3rd grade and have watched them improve. I’m excited for them next year as they move into Junior high basketball where they will get more practice and more playing time. It will be fun to see how they do.

I must admit that not having somewhere to be on a Saturday morning is a bit odd. We’re so used to running around that it feels strange to stay home and actually focus on things that need to be done around the farm. Some projects we’re working on include:

  1. Finishing the chicken coop- this will house our chicks this spring and Brett’s rabbits when they have babies in a month
  2. Watching our 4-H pigs as they progress though the farrowing barn and nursery. Beth, who is pictured here, is quite excited about the pigs that we’re looking forward to taking to the fair this July.

What’s next? Track season will start March 12 and then we’ll be going to meets and watching kids run. Dale will be running the Boston Marathon is April 16 and I’ll be doing the 5K on the 15th.

I’m excited for Boston since the pork producers will have a booth at the Health Expo. What a great opportunity to share the good news about Pork Power with thousands of health conscious runners. Stay tuned; we’ll share more as the time gets closer.