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As the kids start their first day of Christmas vacation, I realize what I’m looking forward most to during this time is just spending time with them. Between two kids playing basketball, school activities and having a Jr. in High School, there are days when we only see each other briefly in the morning and again at night.

Note to the older wiser parents who warned me this would happen you were right. When they were young and under my feet and testing my patience, I wished for them to be not quite so close. When they couldn’t stop chattering and I needed just a moment of silence, now I have to find them to ask questions about how their day went and what’s happening.

I’m not the only one looking forward to a little peace, quiet and relaxation over the holidays. The kids are too. I know that they get tired of late nights, early mornings and running around.

So we’ll take advantage of our time together and make fudge, caramels and other Christmas goodies. We’ll gather around the TV and watch our favorite movies. We may even play Monopoly and let Brett beat us again for the umpteenth time. No matter, we’re together and that’s what counts.

Merry Christmas to Everyone!