Dale had barely put his tools away from the nursery barn project when the kids descended upon him with the next project, a chicken coop. For the last few years we’ve been discussing (joking around) about getting some laying hens to free range around the yard. The challenge is we don’t have a warm spot to keep them during the winter and we also have a Boxer who most likely doesn’t like the idea of chickens roaming around her yard.

The joking turned to reality as Adam became involved in FFA and needed a SAE project. I know; lots of letters but basically he needs a self-directed educational project. Suddenly the idea of fresh eggs gathered every day by the kids was becoming a reality. Dale, ever the practical farmer, decided that the chicken coop should be large enough to house a couple of mother rabbits when they have their babies during the winter. He’s tired of sharing his shop with them and I don’t blame him.

As you can see by this picture the inside of the feeding shed has been cleaned out and a small chicken coop has been framed up. For those of you wondering what do chickens and rabbits have to do with Pork Power, well in this case it’s not the power of pork but rather the power of a parent and his kids working together. Anytime you give a group of people the opportunity to think, work and make decisions together, that’s a powerful experience. Stay tuned.