Bin Pad

The remodeling project of turning an old finisher into a nursery barn has finally been completed. Dale worked long hours and late nights that last week to finish installing bulk bins, feeding equipment and other necessary items. Then it was time to pick up the tools and power wash the barn to make it ready for the pigs. The early reports were favorable as pigs were comfortably spread out; not too hot and not too cold.

This picture shows the cement pad that the bulk bins sit on with the initials of Beth and Dale written into it. All farm projects that involve cement will have someone’s initials and date scratched into them. It’s a way to record history. Machine sheds, barns and any other significant structures are “branded”. This allows farmers to casually walk around their yard reminiscing about each project and the year it was completed.

It’s funny how a date etched in cement can bring back a flood of memories. I’m sure Dale and Beth will experience the same thing every time they look at this piece of cement.