As you can see by the picture, the remodeling project is creating a new look in the barn. Dale and the boys have been taking out the old slats and replacing them with plastic flooring. This flooring will be warmer and better suited to the young pigs. Dale also put sheets of hard plastic on the walls which provides better insulation and easier clean-up.

I would describe their pace as slow and steady. “We got 12 slats out today!” seemed to be a rallying cry. Of course I tease the boys about how hauling slats is building their muscles and what the girls might be thinking. They roll their eyes since there are no girlfriends yet; but I do believe their muscles are growing.


Once the floor is done, there will be gating, feeders and ventilation to complete. The project is going well, but I’ve come
to the realization that my deck, which was to have been the next project after this nursery, will have to wait until next year.