Last week was our county fair. Since we are
quite involved with 4-H, it is a busy week for us. In addition to the pigs and
rabbits, the kids also bring non-livestock projects like Food, Plant and Soil
Science, Wildlife Biology, Quilting and Self-Determined to the fair.

Tuesday was weigh-in for the pigs and
Wednesday was the swine and rabbit show which made both days quite challenging
with the heat and humidity being so extensive. Everyone, animals and kids,
survived both days thanks to the help of lots of water, for both of them.

4-H, like many organizations, is an excellent
way to build leadership skills for our youth. I’m proud that Brett and Adam
will be going to the State Fair with both a livestock project and a
non-livestock project, but I’m extremely proud of Brett winning the Interview
contest for Swine and for Adam giving his Public presentation.  These two events really focus on the kid,
what they know and how they interact with others, all very important skills for
later in life.

We prepare all summer for the county fair and
in one quick week, it’s all over. The week is intense but really a lot of fun.
The animals have been sold or taken home, the projects are packed up and all
that’s left is a final cleaning of the buildings. The kids will have a chance
to focus on other summer projects for a few weeks until they begin to prepare
for the State Fair.