Dale’s remodeling project continues to move along. The ceiling was the area of focus. Brett cut out inlet areas and built wooden frames, which you see here. The air will be drawn through the louvers into the room.

They also painted the ceiling with an epoxy paint which helped stopped the rust and provide coverage and protection. If you’re not familiar with epoxy paint, it’s not like your regular paint. It bonds quickly and strongly to many kinds of surfaces, including skin. Imagine my surprise (okay, that’s not the word the kids would use) when they came walking into the house, hands full of paint, wondering how they were going to get it off. The solution – plain old fashioned scrubbing. A day or two later the evidence of paint was gone, except for a few traces on Beth’s fingernails, but that just looked like polish. Thank goodness the boys were due to get haircuts, since that was the only way to get the paint out of Adam’s hair.

The next step will be to hang the white plastic paneling on the walls, which will protect them and provide easier clean up and then remove the slats to prepare for the new flooring.