As I sit down to write, my mind is pulling me in 500 other directions.  I’m thinking about the bars and bbq I need to make for my nieces graduation, the training run I should be doing, the phone calls and appointments I need to make, the endless list of household chores, planning our annual pignic, my husband who has become as scarce as a clear spot on our kitchen counter.

Lunch Break

Brandon has begun construction on a new barn, actually three barns, to house our sows that will make replacement gilts.  The sows that live in these barns will be bred with semen that has the maternal characteristics we find favorable in a sow.  The sows in our current unit are bred with semen to create butcher hogs.

So construction has begun and Brandon is in his element.  He functions best

Checking out the farrowing barn pit

when the stakes are high and the deadlines are tight.  Even after being married to him for 16 years, I’m still surprised at the environment that he thrives in.  I don’t know a lot of people who enjoy dealing with the constant hiccups and headaches that arise when tackling a big project.  Brandon appears to welcome the challenges.

Yesterday my four kids, my nephew, four high school boys, my father-in-law, my brother-in-law, and Brandon laid the flooring for our farrowing barn.  Tomorrow the walls will go up on one of our gestation barns.  The project keeps clicking along and the weather hasn’t been too much of a hindrance.  We have pigs scheduled to arrive the first week in July, so the gestation barns need to be ready.   Stay tuned as the barns take shape.