What do you do when you’re in the basement cleaning and you hear the voices of extra teenagers and wonder how you’re going to feed them? You call on pork, the versatile meat.

Brett and four of his classmates were working on an extra credit project for history. He told me they might come to our house to do some videotaping. I believe my last words to him were, “Let me know if you’re coming so I can be ready.” Well, Friday evening they showed up, which of course I’m glad they are at our house doing their homework, but then I’m also a little stressed because I realize I hadn’t picked up anything for supper and the nearest grocery store is 10 miles away.

I first considered the two thin crusted pizzas in my freezer, but knew they wouldn’t go far and quite frankly, they seemed kind of cheap. After all, I had to make a good impression on Brett’s friends. I don’t want to get a reputation as the “Mom who can’t cook”.

I collected my thoughts and turned to one of my favorite go to meats, pulled pork. I had 5 buns in the freezer, which combined with the soft shelled tortillas, offered a choice of either pulled pork sandwiches or carnitas. Add some sliced fruit and carrot sticks and the meal is complete.

I called the kids in for supper and they seemed surprised there was food, but that didn’t stop them from eating just about everything. I felt good about giving them a solid meal, especially since 3 of the 5 had track practice earlier in the day.

I make it a point to have our butcher prepare pulled pork for us. We freeze it in one pound packages which are about the right size as a meal for our family. As you can see it’s a quick and easy and really hits the spot, especially for hungry teenagers. It seems though they did leave room for the Oreo eating contest, but that’s another story.