Those of you following this blog know that a couple of weeks ago I talked about how Adam had to step aside in running the 3200 m so the USC/AC track team could have a better chance at making it to the State True Team finals. Well the team not only made it, they won the class A True Team title on Saturday.

For those of you not familiar with the True Team concept (don’t worry, I didn’t understand it either until this year), the scoring is based on everyone’s efforts. Typically in a track meet only the top 8 finishers count towards the scoring. But in True Team, every participant counts towards the score. So placing 15th in a race will still get the team a few extra points compared to placing 18th. The best team is not dependent on just a few good individuals, but how everyone does.

All day long the overall score had been close between the top 4 teams. Most of the time there were only 4-6 points that separated the top team from the 4th place team. As if following a Hollywood script, the winner would not be determined until the final event of the day, the pole vault.

All the boys’ teams gathered in the center of the field. Starting with 9th place, each placing team was announced. After third place was announced and USC/AC’s name hadn’t been called, the tension mounted. When Morris Area’s name was called for 2nd, the USC/AC people held their breath and then burst for joy when they were announced as the True Team Champions.

To say I’m proud of the team seems like an understatement. I have to admit that tears filled my eyes as I watched the boys accept their trophy and medals. As I watched Dalton, one of the biggest guys on the team give Adam, one of the smallest guys on the team a big bear hug, it seemed fitting.  This was a team that truly supported each other and knew how to work together to achieve great things.

Saturday, the USC/AC Boys track team did not have a bunch of superstars who won their events. They had something more important: a group of guys who consistently did their best and collectively found a way to work together to achieve something more as a team then they could have as individuals.

A good example for all of us to follow.