The farmers have not been the only people feeling the pressure to get their crops planted. I have experienced the same thing with our vegetable garden. The cool, wet spring weather has delayed the planting of my garden. The old adage of planting potatoes on Good Friday went by the wayside, even though Easter was late this year. It seems that just when the ground had dried out enough to plant, we were busy with a track meet or another event. When we were ready to plant, the rains came.

Last night I organized the kids and after supper we “attacked” the garden. The weather forecast was for rain Friday and Saturday, which meant Thursday night, was our best opportunity for planting. I ran the tiller and prepared the ground. Beth and Brett focused on the potatoes. I planted the lettuce, carrots, beets, onions and beans. Adam wanted to start a strawberry patch so we purchased new plants and he worked on getting them into the soil.

After 1 ½ hours, we’d accomplished our goal, the garden was planted. I still need to put in my tomatoes and we’ll probably plant a mound or two of squash and perhaps some sweet potatoes. Having the majority of the crops in the ground makes me feel better, just like the farmers as they’ve worked late nights to get the corn and soybeans planted.

Guess what happened, just as predicted. It started to rain early Friday morning. As I listened to the raindrops hit the roof, a sense of relief came over me. Unlike the early pioneers, my life doesn’t depend on whether I get my garden planted, but it still makes me feel better knowing that I did.