Saturday morning Beth woke up giddy and talkative. Despite the gray overcast day, she was full of excitement and the main reason was Easter and coloring Easter eggs. Our kids are old enough that you wouldn’t think it mattered that much to them anymore, but it does. Saturday afternoon, Brett, Adam and Beth took time to color Easter eggs.  There were plenty of ooh’s and ahha’s as the colorful eggs emerged from the cups. Blue seemed to be the best color this year.

It’s still a tradition to hid eggs on Sunday morning. In the past this was my job but since the kids are older, they take turns hiding the eggs for themselves.

I’m glad the kids can find joy in the simple things. It’s easy to get caught up in the details and forget to just stop and enjoy what’s happening. I also appreciate the traditions the kids want to keep.

Easter turned out to be a beautiful day. The kids spent plenty of time outside in the afternoon playing with their younger cousins, helping them find Easter eggs. The sunlight and warm weather gave us a boost of energy and the hope that spring will finally come.