My baby is turning 9 today!  I guess I really shouldn’t be calling Kenny my baby anymore, but he will always be my youngest child.  Kenny woke up to 9 balloons on his bedroom door this morning.  Of course one of them has a tractor on it, because Kenny loves farm equipment.   Balloons greeting the birthday boy/girl has become a tradition in our home.  I started this innocent tradition when my daughters were one and two and didn’t think much about how long I would carry this on.  So year after year the balloon count has increased for each child and it just wouldn’t seem like their birthday without the day starting with balloons.

There have been times when I’ve needed to get creative because I haven’t been organized to get the balloons ahead of time.  Kendrah always has her birthday during the County Fair and one year I was settling in at home after a long day at the fair and all of a sudden, I sat up with horror as I realized that I had no balloons for her birthday the following day!  Brandon was finishing a shift working in the Pork Producers building that night.  I called him frantic that he needed to locate some balloons.  He searched the buildings that were starting to close for the night and found a kind politician with balloons sharing his election message.  So Kendrah received election balloons on her door on that particular birthday.  What was important was that she got her balloons.

Sometimes the balloons are well thought out with a theme… gold for a golden birthday, Dora balloons for a Dora the Explorer fanatic, pink and purple for the birthday princess, and red and blue for the Twins fan.  Many times the balloons the kids receive are those that are easiest to locate.  Regardless, this is one way to make each birthday special.

Kenny is trying to come up with 9 special things today because he is turning 9.  So far he has balloons, chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, library day at school, show-n-tell, and I’m sure there will be at least 5 more ways that his birthday becomes a special one.  It’s so important to celebrate the yearly birthdays, but equally important to celebrate the daily accomplishments.