Although sites like this snowpile in our yard indicate that winter has not completely left, the signs of spring are here. The robins are back and you can hear birds chirping in the morning. The temperatures are warmer and the spring winds are blowing. I have an urge to clean my kids closets.

Track season is underway for the boys. The past 2 Saturday’s they have had an indoor meet at MSU in Mankato. This Thursday they will have their first outdoor meet in St. James.  Brett has run in the 4 x 800 relay , the 3200 m. run and triple jump. Adam has done the 1600 m. run. The events may change depending on the needs of the team, but they will generally do longer distances.

With Dale’s help and encouragement I’ve run some longer distances outside. Increased exercise through the winter months has given me a better base to train from.

Spring is a time of new beginnings. After the cold, quiet winter, plants and animals (and people) come to life. We have a new found energy that makes us want to do things, especially outside.

Welcome back Springtime!