Running has been such a positive energy source in my life, I’ve decided to share that with elementary age girls through Girls On The Run (GOTR).  GOTR is a program created by Molly Brown in 1996.  The program focuses not only on running, but creating positive self-esteem among 3rd-5th grade girls.

Last week I held my first class.  My daughters, Kendrah and Maddie, are helping me out as junior coaches.  We had ten girls turn out for the first class and there was a palpable energy flowing through the gym.  It was so great to see girls with all different strengths, personalities, and abilities working towards their own personal goals.  Sometimes girls feel like they need to look or act a certain way, but the GOTR Program strives to teach every girl to embrace their own uniqueness.

I’m looking forward to a fun season that culminates with a 5K run on May 22nd. I’m sure my 1/2 marathon training will only benefit from this program also.