Once a year, three of my roommates from college and I get together. We’ve been doing since we graduated almost 25 years ago. Through job changes, weddings, kids and graduations, we’ve only  missed one year, which was last year. So it was especially good to see everyone this past weekend.

One of the great things about my friends is that we can just come together and pick up where we left off. It’s not about who has the best job, the fanciest car or the brightest bling. It’s not a competition. It’s a group of close friends coming together to share what’s happening in their lives and knowing they have an audience that really cares about what they’re saying.

Through the year’s we’ve stayed in hotels, bed and breakfasts and cabins. We’ve gone antiquing and shopping, even during a blizzard. Recently, with our kid’s schedules controlling our lives, we manage to just get together for lunch. We usually get asked why we’re out and when we tell them we’re college friends getting together, we get a pretty warm response.

I gain my strength from many sources, family, friends and exercise. Even though I only see them once a year, Kristi, Susie and Colleen are a source of strength for me. They are a tie to a special time in my life, my college days. More importantly, they’re the group of friends I’ve “grown-up” with through the years. We’ve shared many experiences and I know that if I ever needed anything, they’d be right there for me.