I was walking the other morning with my good friend, exercise buddy, and therapist all rolled into one.  She’s great!  Her name is Lori.  I can talk to Lori about problems I’m having with my job, family, vehicle, pets, anything.  She is always supportive, but more than that she is always honest.  And if I’m out of line, she will let me know it.

Back to the other morning.  I was going on about how I couldn’t decide between running the 1/2 marathon and full marathon.  I’ve talked to her about this countless times this winter, and I think she finally got fed up with it. 

“Why can’t you just make a decision?  Decide on one race and deal with it.  If you make the wrong decision, too bad,” was Lori’s exasperated response.

It was just what I needed.  I did one final weighing of my reasons for doing the race.  Camaraderie was at the top of my list.  I definitely wanted someone to train with and share the experience with, so my decision became simple.  I have a fellow pork producer friend, Teresa, who will be running the 1/2 marathon, so I too will be running the 1/2 marathon.  The time spent training for a 1/2 marathon outweighs the race about 30 to 1 (of course this depends on your particular training schedule).  Anyway, point being, I don’t want to spend all that training time alone.

So, my decision is made.  On with the training.  Everyone needs a friend like Lori to give them a kick in the backside once in a while.  Thanks, Lori!