My trail shoes have replaced my snowshoes on the rug inside our front door.  I always have a pair of running something or other sitting inside our front door.  I haven’t officially retired my snowshoes for the season yet.  I do realize it is only February.  But I am hopeful that my road running is making a strong comeback.

I moved back to running on the road last week.  Oh, it was an amazing feeling!  I felt so light, even though my weight is always at its highest in the winter.  It just felt good to have my shoes meet the gravel without a snowshoe attached.  Switching things up always feels good, whether it is a different route, outfit, or running partner.

I’m still contemplating which race to run in Duluth as part of the Pork Power team.  Full marathon or half-marathon?  I need to decide soon, as I get on with the training.  I’m not sure why this has become such a difficult decision for me.  I’m sure something will spark an answer for me soon.