The women in my mom’s family have gotten together for a weekend in February for almost 20 years now.  Aunts, cousins, sisters, and grandmothers converge on a predetermined host’s house.  Women’s Weekend 2011 was held at my mother’s house this past weekend.  I couldn’t help coming away with a joyful heart and a greater appreciation for all of these positive women.

Some of the weekend activities included sharing five things from your bucket list, an auction of gently used items, shopping for the best deal of the day, laughing, visiting, eating and eating.  I realize I mentioned eating twice.  Breaking bread together is a really important part of the weekend and eating is where the pork connection comes in.  Whether it is pork roast with sauerkraut or pork sausage and eggs or ground pork in spaghetti sauce, pork definitely is a delicious food to share among families.

Mealtime is about way more than satisfying our appetites.  It’s sharing time and laughing time and bonding time.  As we joined hands before our last meal at Women’s Weekend we took a moment to give thanks for all of the women who have shaped who we have become.  Pass the pork.