Last week Dale and I spent two days at the MN Pork Congress. It’s a busy event for us filled with MPPA meetings, Taste of Elegance, the tradeshow and seminars. The best part of this time is catching up with our friends. Some of these pork producers we only see once a year, at this show. For that reason, it’s rather like a class reunion. Despite the challenges we face as pig farmers, we are a young, enthusiastic group that has an eye on the future.

This week is the Iowa Pork Congress. I will work the tradeshow and once again catch up with my pork producer friends and industry associates. The Iowa show is larger, mainly because Iowa has more farmers and sells more pigs. While I don’t know the people as well, they too represent a group of people determined to meet the challenges of farming head on and succeed.

I’ve been involved with these tradeshows for almost 25 years. There have been many changes but one thing remains constant, the commitment these people have to the pork industry.