Our Christmas pigs have reached the right age and weight to wean them from the sows. On our farm, it works best if the pigs are about 21 days of age and weigh about 13 pounds although many of them will weigh 15-16 lbs.

The pigs will go to a nursery barn on our neighbor’s farm where they will be fed a diet that contains milk products, rolled oats and other complex proteins along with soybean meal and corn. Having these complex ingredients is important as the pigs’ transition away from sow’s milk. When they are about 25 lbs, they will be eating mostly soybean meal, dried distillers grains (DDGS), vitamins and minerals and corn.  

Having a good vaccination program and keeping a close eye on the pigs, especially the first week, helps keep the pigs healthy and reduce the need for antibiotics. The pigs grow quickly in the nursery and by the time they are ready to move to the finishing barn in about 7 weeks, they will be gaining over one pound per day.

Meanwhile, it’s time to get the farrowing barn ready for the next group of sows to farrow.