The kids decided this would be a great year to host a sledding party with all the snow we’ve gotten in December.  So, we set the date for today and left the weather to chance.  Wouldn’t you know it, it’s raining outside!

A little rain never ruined a sledding party.  The moisture is actually making our backyard hills very slick and icy.  Perfect for going really fast in a sled.  I love watching the kids fly down the hills, laughing the whole way.  I feel it’s so important for the kids to be active and outside.

Along with fun, my kids have had their share of work responsibilities during Christmas break also.  The girls have been working in the sow unit most mornings at 6:00am.  They help with processing pig litters, breeding sows, feeding sows, farrowing sows, and doing laundry.  If they get a day to sleep in, they really appreciate it!