It’s Minnesota.  It’s been snowing.  It’s almost Christmas.  It’s time to shovel off the roof.  This may sound like preparations for Santa, but no, I’m not talking about the roof of our house.  We need to shovel off our hog barn roofs.  And no, Santa doesn’t visit our pigs.

I’ve lost count of how much snow we’ve received so far, but know that we are on the verge of record-breaking snow amounts for our area in December.  Brandon decided today was the day to tackle the enormous job of moving the snow from the roof to the ground.  One of our buildings is the length of a football field, so that gives you an idea of the task at hand.  This morning he rented a  snowblower up in town, got the shovels around, and up on the roof he went.  I asked him how it was decided what staff members stayed inside the barn to work with the pigs and which ones got to bundle up to go outside.  I think the answer had something to do with a short straw.

Our boys, ages 11 and 8, were envious of the employees perched on the roof, so Brandon invited them up to help with the job.  They are still at ages where climbing on the roof is definitely not work.  My only stipulation was no emergency room visits two days before Christmas.  Life on the farm is always interesting.