Throughout this blog you’ve had the chance to get to know us. Now I’d like to tell you a little bit about our farm. Dale’s grandfather Ed Stevermer started this farm in 1917. We are living in the house he built. It’s changed a bit over the last 93 years. The house has gotten bigger, while the number of people living in it has gotten to be fewer. That’s typical farm house progression.

We have a farrow to finish operation which means we have sows that give birth to little pigs on our farm. We raise those pigs until they are ready for market, which is about 5 ½ months of age and weighing about 270 lbs. We sell about 2500 pigs per year. Each pig will eat about 9 bushels of corn so our pigs require about 118 acres of corn for feed. An acre is about the size of a football field, so it takes 118 football fields of corn to produce the pork on our farm.  We grow corn to feed to our pigs and then sell the pigs to provide lean protein for others to eat. Meanwhile, the manure from those pigs is organic fertilizer for our corn and soybean ground. It’s a nice sustainable cycle.

We also grow soybeans, which provide a nice crop rotation for the corn. Dale will sell them to the processor, as a cash crop. The soybeans are crushed and the meal is separated from the oil and we’ll buy back the soybean meal to feed to our pigs.

You may be wondering how our farm got its name. Grandpa Ed was selling Chester White breeding stock and needed a name for the farm. He called it Trails End Farm because it was near the end of an old Indian trail.