Everyone has their own way to signify the start of the Christmas season. For some it’s shopping on Black Friday, for others, making cookies and treats. For me, it’s making Chex Party Mix. Growing up, we only had Chex party mix at Christmas time, so now, I’ve continued the tradition.

Today Beth and I made 5 batches of party mix. We’ll be lucky if it lasts until Christmas. Some people have a sweet tooth, my family and I have a “party mix” tooth. I can walk by the candies, cookies and fudge but show me a bowl of party mix and I’m all over it.

I make my party mix the old fashioned way, which mean I bake it in a 250º oven for one hour, making sure to stir it every 15 minutes. So that means setting the timer and keeping track with hash marks so I know how long it’s been making. I know all this probably sounds odd, but I just can’t risk the taste not being the same by microwaving the Chex cereal.

Chex Cereal-$2/box; Peanuts- $2.89/jar, Pretzels- $2.50/bag. Expression on the kids face as they take their first bite of party mix…. Priceless.