My apologies to the turkey growers, but this year I’m serving pork for Thanksgiving. Dale purchased a Traeger grill and so when my family gets together this Thanksgiving, which will actually be on Friday, we’ll be serving a smoked, grilled, boneless pork loin.

To test out the new grill, Dale smoked a pork tenderloin this last week. It was fantastic. Seasoned with Martin County Magic, the meat was moist and tender. The cherry woodchips Dale used in the smoker provided a smooth taste. Our daughter Beth, who can be a little choosey when to comes to meat, was really impressed.

We still have our regular grill, but when we have the time and the desire to take our grilling experience to a new level, we’ll be using the Traeger. To borrow a phrase from Alton Brown, Food Network chef, “Here’s to Good Eats.”