The weather has been so beautiful this fall that it has been easy to get outside and run.  It really is the perfect time of year to be outside, neither too hot or cold.  I’m realistic though, and know all things good or bad will change.  I really don’t mind running in the cold.  I actually rather enjoy the brisk air and the feel of snowflakes on my warm face.  What I don’t appreciate about trying to run in the winter is the ice. 

When the ice starts to take over the city streets and country roads, it’s time for me to move inside.  My treadmill died last summer, so that is not an option.  The building I head for is not our local YMCA or gym, but our public school.  I meet a friend year round at 5:30am to exercise, and in the winter we head to school.  It’s such a great option in a small town.  We have a lot of steps to maneuver and that makes for a great workout. 

It’s easy to stop exercising when the weather turns ugly, but you don’t have to.  Look around your community.  There may be more options than you realize.