We just purchased some new boars for our boar stud.  Before they are brought into the barn, we put them in isolation for three months.  This allows for any disease risk the boars may be carrying from their old home to be minimized.  We don’t want the animals already in the stud or the new boars to get sick.  The five purchased boars were recently moved out of isolation and into our boar stud.  Once in the boar stud its time to train them.

Training boars takes a lot of patience.  There is a dummy sow that the boars need to mount in order to be collected.  With a real sow, instinct takes over.  But the instinct to mount a dummy sow isn’t as strong.  There are a lot of tricks to try to get the boars to mount, but no one technique works 100% of the time.  That’s the frustrating part for me.  Each boar has its own personality, just like humans.  Along with the different personalities comes different preferences when in the collecting pen.

My goal this week is to get some of these boars trained.  Wish me luck!