Bow hunting has started in Minnesota.  In the past, I had been completely unaware of the hunting season, but my son Max really has a passion for hunting, trapping, and fishing, so I’ve definitely become more informed.  On Friday evening Max asked me, “Do you want to hunt with me in the morning?”  I’ve never hunted before, so it caught me by surprise.  I answered, “Sure.”

Saturday morning I sent Brandon and our daughters off to work in the sow unit and I woke up Max.  He was excited to get up and get going.  We put on the usual camouflage clothing.  Max looked like a tree with leaves hanging off of his clothes.  We then drove out to what we refer to as “back of the woods”.  Max got his bow out and gave me a backpack to wear.

We quietly walked out to a tree where Max and Brandon had built a tree stand.  We climbed up into the tree and sat and sat and sat.  Once settled in, we started to hear the world waking up.  The sky delivered a magnificent sunrise.  A painting of pink, purple, and red.  That  would have been reason enough to get up before dawn.  Then two ducks flew down to the pond below us and found breakfast for themselves.  As we listened to the wildlife around us, a deer slowly walked out of the woods.  Three more followed.  We just watched because they were too far away for Max to have a shot at them.  After a time, they wandered back into the woods.

Max then had an idea, “We should follow the deer.”  I was game for whatever he wanted to do, since I had no idea what’s involved with hunting.  We climbed back down from the tree stand and walked over to the opening in the trees where the deer had just been.  As we went farther into the woods we spotted two of the deer.  When they moved, we moved.  We followed them for as long as they would allow.  Finally we lost sight of their white tails.

Then we just walked and talked and enjoyed nature all around us.  It was really a special time with Max.  It’s amazing what an 11-year-old can teach you if you let him.