As many have heard, there is a historic rainfall event happening in southern Minnesota. I hesitate to make a guess as to what the impact will be for us farmers, but this is a blog, and I might just as well put something out there.

Harvest had begun for us, and while consuming more time than I wanted, progressing quite nicely. Even with my crop farming partner on the PUP (physically unable to perform) list for harvest due to spinal surgery, about 40% of our soybeans are harvested. I had run out of beans that were fit to harvest, and switched over to corn yesterday afternoon. I have a field of corn that saw too much water this past June and wanted to get it cleared off quickly. After 2 acres were done it started to rain, so we quit.

Well. this is what it looks like now. I have not seen water that far up on this field (farming it for 20 years). I don’t think corn is actually under water, but the short stuff that didn’t drown out in June has about a foot of water on it. What really surprised me when I got to the field was how much water was standing on the high ground, and also how many acres on this piece were standing in water.

The volume of water contained in this storm is stupendous. Just on our 480 acres of owned ground, we saw 84 million gallons of water fall in 24 hours. Each county in Minnesota has roughly 370,000 acres, so the 8 counties (area wise) hit hardest by the rain had over 500 billion gallons of water fall on it. The adjoining areas “only” got half as much rain, so over 1 trillion gallons of rain fell on southern Minnesota in the last 24 hours.

For my farm, I think there will be close to 2 weeks down time for harvest. I hope I have enough good corn to feed the pigs. This delay does give me time to catch up on the needed pig work and get some quality runs in, but I’d rather be able to harvest and get the crop in the bin. Stay tuned!