My final countdown is on for the Whistlestop 1/2 Marathon.  Nineteen days to go.  My training for this race has been rather relaxed.  I’m planning on running this race with my sister, Melissa.  I thought it would be fun to run a race side by side with someone and not be focused on my time.

Melissa is such a good sport.  She doesn’t share my passion for running, but does enjoy the benefits that come from staying in good physical shape.  We have two other friends that are going to be doing the 1/2 marathon also. 

Last year was all of our first 1/2 marathon.  We had such an enjoyable weekend.  The race was one small part of the weekend.  The Friday before the race we shopped in Bayfield and found a fabulous jewelry store.  We also visited an apple farm/winery with an old barn turned gift shop.  Being with others who were experiencing prerace jitters was helpful.  Following the race on Saturday we discovered an amazing coffee shop/ eatery called the Black Cat.  Ooh, just thinking about it gets me excited.  We sat in the Black Cat for quite some time following the race celebrating our accomplishments.  Sharing the racing experience with friends makes it all the more enjoyable.