Where did the past two weeks go?!  I guess I’ve been dealing with all of the usual stuff which includes school starting, volleyball games and practice, football practice and games, play tryouts, State Fair, etc.

I’ve also been dealing with the not-so-usual stuff which includes  rats, skunk, snakes, mice and other critters.  I guess it is just part of living in the country, but it drives me crazy sometimes.

Not long ago I awoke to the sickening smell of skunk.  It was so strong I just knew a skunk had to have made its way into our house.  Well, no, not into our house, but our garage.  The skunk sprayed in our garage and on one of our vehicles.  We washed and bleached the garage floor, but that smell hangs on forever.  And we washed and rewashed our Honda Pilot, but that smell hangs on forever!

Then, not long after, while driving our Honda Pilot two of the indicator lights came on.  That’s strange.  The vehicle seemed to be running fine.  We looked under the hood and it looked like some critter was making a home in there.  A little dog food, a little critter poo, some nesting material.  We took our Pilot to our local mechanics and found out that something had chewed some wires that linked up to the indicator lights.  O.K.  Problem fixed… but no.

The other day I backed the Pilot out of the garage and Kenny asked, “What’s on the cement slab by the garage?”  It was an injured rat.  Max got his BB gun and took care of the rat.  Hmmm was all I could think.  Something’s not right.  Later that day, we backed out of the garage again, and a rat ran from under the Pilot.  Noooo, not rats, was what ran through my head this time.

We called our trusty local exterminator.  He arrived and confirmed that yes we had a family of rats living in and behind our garage.  He said not to worry that he would take care of them.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  The rats would soon be gone.  Not so fast.  We got in the Pilot to go to town for a game and the Pilot wouldn’t start.  Brandon looked under the hood, and, sure enough, there were more chewed wires.

Our local mechanics towed the Pilot to town today.  I wish this were the end of my critter stories, but I know better.