Today is the opening day of the MN State Fair. Brett is here with his rabbit, a Jr. doe named Leia.  Jenna Stevermer is also here with her chickens and Kendrah and Maddie Schafer have their cow/calf pairs here. Plus I met some other pork producers who have both pigs and sheep at the Fair. Does it seem ironic that some of my closest pork producer friends also have strong interests in other animals? I don’t think so since I believe it’s all part of our commitment to agriculture. Being pig farmers may be our primary job, but we have other interests.

It’s hard to accurately describe the activity and energy that occurs in the livestock buildings at the State Fair. From entry day to show day, it seems to border on chaos but when you look closer, there’s really a certain energy that drives everyone. Sometimes it’s excitment and sometimes it’ exhaustion but it’s a wonderful experience.

I believe it’s an experience that makes both us and our kids better. We learn to handle pressure, to be organized, to perform in front of people and to handle both achievements and disappointments. Our kids make friends that they will remember for years to come. Most importantly the memories they make will last a lifetime.