Maddie at the County Fair

It was hot,  it was humid,  but we survived the County Fair.  The highlight for the kids was probably the annual water fight.  On the Friday of the fair all of the champion and reserve champion senior showpeople for beef, dairy, swine, goats, and sheep get to compete in something called Supreme Showmanship.  The senior showpeople get a chance to show each of the different species to the best of their ability.  Several judges determine who does the best job overall and that person is crowned the Supreme Showman.  It has become a tradition for the “Supreme Showman” to get dunked in the cow tank after winning.  After the Supreme Showman gets wet, water buckets start to fly, and the 4-Hers have one humongous waterfight on the washrack.  The kids look forward to this every year, and now come prepared with a change of clothes.

My highlight was probably having Kendrah and Maddie receive grand champion and reserve champion for swine and beef interviews.  I feel that my children’s ability to communicate effectively is more important than how their animals place.  Kendrah and Maddie’s cow/calf pairs did place well enough to earn them State Fair trips.  Now they are eagerly anticipating the Minnesota State Fair.

Beyond the fair, school is sneeking up quickly.  Kendrah started volleyball practice and drivers education classes this week.  Maddie begins volleyball practice next week, and Max will join the varsity football practices as manager.  We did some school shopping this week and now have the supplies the kids need to start the school year.  I can always tell when it is time for school to start by looking around the house…  complete disarray!   I’m not sure if the kids or I am ready for school to start, but our home definitely is.