The MN Pork Board is part of a group of organizations working together to help people understand where their food comes from. is a website that features eight different MN producers of various products. The incentive for people visiting the website and signing up is the chance for free groceries for a year.

Life is full of contrasts. Because people are 2-3 generations removed from the farm, we as producers need to help them understand how and where their food comes from. On the other hand, because U.S farmers are so efficient, not everyone has to live on the farm and grow their own food, they are free to pursue other careers.

Our family¬†is fortunate that we grow much of our own food. There are meals, especially this time of year, when we can look down at our plate and see that everything we’re eating was grown on our farm. But I’m glad we have farmers in other areas, since I really enjoy eating oranges, especially in the winter time and I know they don’t do well in Minnesota.

The producers I know are committed to growing safe, healthy food for everyone. I would encourage people to visit the website,, to learn more about how food is grown and the people who are doing it.

The world population is growing and as other countries develop, the demand for lean protein like pork will increase. That’s a great opportunity for U.S. Agriculture.