The last month has been a relaxed one for running.  I’ve continued to log easy miles while working through some hip discomfort.  My hip had begun to bother me more and more while lifting and bending, but was fine while running.  I wasn’t sure whether to visit a medical doctor, chiropractor, or massage therapist specializing in sports massage.  I decided to try a chiropractor first and that turned out to be a wise choice.  I’ve been getting adjusted for around a month now, and the pain is definitely getting better.  He even diagnosed and adjusted a shin splint that was just starting to flare up.

With my hip condition under control, it is time to sign up for my next race.  I will be running the Whistlestop Half Marathon in Ashland Wisconsin in October.  I ran this race last year with my sister and two friends.  It’s a flat course that follows a wooded trail.  October is the perfect time for this race, with the trees vibrant with fall color.  So… time to step up the training again.

More on that later.  My family is asking for an early supper (pork roast that has been cooking in the crockpot all day ~ YUM).  Brandon and the kids are headed down to our fairgrounds to set up the barns for the County Fair next week.