Even though summer time offers a variety of foods and the expanded use of our grill, I still have those “what should I make for supper” moments. Fortunately as I struggled through one of those times the other night, I was able to come up with something new for us that worked out pretty well.

When we process our hams, we like to get ham steaks. Typically we grill these like any other steak. But I was tired of eating that ham that way. So I decided to make kabobs using the ham steak and pineapple. Normally I’m not a big fan of kabobs because they usually have green, yellow or red peppers as part of the mix and I really don’t like peppers.

This combination worked out pretty well. Ham and pineapple are both foods the kids like. They were easy to make and didn’t take long to grill. Okay, so I know I didn’t really create anything outstanding and the Food Network won’t be knocking on my door to give me any awards. But I am rather happy that I was able to take 2 fairly regular foods for us and turn them into something different that actually tasted good.

Now, what to make for supper tonight……