The people we surround ourselves with can help us to achieve our goals.  Sometimes we choose these people and other times they are chosen for us. 

We choose to do business with  people we feel will move our farm in the direction of our goals.  They many times have similar business objectives and understand our aspirations.  On the other hand, our neighbors who surround us did not choose to align themselves with us and sometimes are inconvenienced by the daily operation of our farm.

Whether chosen or not, our farm thrives because of the network of people who surround us.  Around ten years ago we wanted to think of a way to show our appreciation to these people.  What we came up with was the “Schafer Pignic”.  Our goals were simple.  Food, fun, and fellowship.

Pig Races

This past Saturday we hosted our “pignic” for 2010.  In the past we have roasted a whole hog, but this year Brandon decided to grill pork loins instead.  Everyone noticed that the meat was cooked differently, but they loved it just the same.  The key with pork is not to overcook.

We had a coin hunt in our rock box for the five and under crowd.  We just sprinkle some quarters, dimes, and a few special dollars among the pea rocks, and on “go” the kids dive in and find the coins.  We also have done “pig races” where the kids pose as the pigs.  We have a drawing for the adults and give away processed pork.  The adults love this as much as the little kids love the coins.

We realize that we can’t farm successfully on our own.  We greatly appreciate the support of our community and feel the “pignic” is one small way to give back.