Maddie & Max enjoying a run/ride

My kids will officially be done with school tomorrow at noon, but there doesn’t seem to be a slow down in sight.  We aren’t the only family with a packed summer, are we?

The three oldest (Kendrah, Maddie, and Max) have been working hard to train and groom their three heifers.  We have a regional cattle show that the Minnesota Junior Gelbvieh Association is hosting this coming weekend.  It should be a lot of fun, but many hours spent planning and executing the plan.  I’m going to encourage Maddie to get a treadmill run in at some point, but we’ll see how that goes.

This past weekend Maddie and I ran our last official “long run” before Grandma’s.  As we were  about to head out the door, my son Max asked if he could bike with us.  It was perfect.  Max packed our water bottles and gels into a backpack and off we went.  We normally have to plan our water breaks, but with Max biking by our side, we could have water whenever the need arose.  What a treat 🙂  He was very patient with our pace.  He took some breaks to look for fish in the creek and got within 20 yards of a doe.  He’s a kid that loves being out in nature.

With our long training runs behind us, it’s now time to focus on some other fun upcoming events.  We will be hosting a tour for the National Pork Checkoff Food Service Advisory Committee at our farm in June.  It’s always an honor to share our farm with people involved in the industry.  At the end of June we will also host our annual “Pignic”.  We enjoy inviting neighbors and those we do business with to gather and socialize at our home.  It’s one way for us to say “thank you” to those that support our choice to farm.

Don’t look for me lounging in a hammock this summer, I’ve got life’s race to run.