What fun time we had in DesMoines this weekend.  The weather forcast was less than desirable,  but I pack my running hat and a swimsiut for the race.  The weatherman was forcasting 3 inches of ran duing the time that we were supposed to run.   It was not that bad.  The morning of the race we got on a bus that transported us 1 mile from the race start atop the Saylorville Dam.  It was a cold walk and we were wet after 1/2 mile into the walk.  We all tried to make light of the situation and I was personally grateful for all of my subcutaneous fat.  We spent the next hour under a pine tree trying to keep our feet as dry as possible.  We watched the radar on the phone.  At one point a race volunteer came to us and said that a storm cell was moving our direction.  They were hopeful that it would stay south of us, but if we were to see lightening we were to leave our haven in the trees and crouch low to the ground.  We were also instructed to stay away from the steel cables as we crossed the dam.  All things we did not want to hear.  We felt that life would get better when we started to run.  Twenty minutes after the race started we crossed the start line.  The wind whipped across the dam and it did not feel better.  It was cold.  We continued to run.  After the first mile the wind was blocked by the trees and we warmed up.  The rain persisted for most of the first 6 miles at different levels of intensity.  It turned out to be the perfect temp and I was not cold the rest of the run.  Infact I felt great.  It was the best I have ever felt during a long distance run.  I enjoyed the music and the few brave soul that cheered us on.  I was in great company and enjoyed conversing with me fellow runners.  I at noI p point during the race hurt and I do feel good today.  No pain,  just a little tight.  I plan to continue to train this week .  I will taper next week and be ready to run had for Grandma’s.  I hope I feel as good that day as I felt on Saturday.  Oh and by the way…I did not wear the swimsuit!