Oh I am so excited today! My friend Dawn and I are going to Des Moines Iowa to run Dam to Dam. We will meet my sister-in -law Marie and her friend Chris for a 20K run from the Sailorville Dam to the one in downtown Des Moines. I love to run with my friend Dawn. We feel so blessed to be able to run. We spend the entire time talking and catching up. We look around at our world and feel the blessings of God and all that we see as we run. I know that the people that we meet at runs are fun people. We always find new friends and someone that lives close to us. It makes the world feel small. This race for me is just a practice for Grandma’s half. If I feel well for this I will just try to maintain my fitness and plan to be ready for Grandma’s. If it does not go so well….I will plan to train a little more. As much as 2 weeks can allow. I know the most important thing is to stay healthy and make it to the start of a race. I will write more when I return! Have a great weekend!